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IRS Problems | IRS Tax Relief | IRS Help from Nationwide Tax Group

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Get IRS Tax Relief Help and put a stop to your IRS Problems!!!

Nationwide Tax Group provides Tax Resolution Services and solves IRS Problems and can provide IRS Help with your back taxes, IRS Tax Audit, negotiate and IRS Tax Settlement with an Offer in Compromise and give you the IRS Tax Relief you deserve.


If you are dealing with IRS problems, let our IRS Tax Relief associates help you. Whether you're dealing with back taxes, a wage garnishment, an IRS Audit or a large IRS Tax Debt, we can take care of your IRS problem. Get tax relief from knowledgeable and helpful staff to get the IRS help you need.

  • Get IRS Help with your back taxes
  • We will represent you during your IRS tax audit
  • Offer in Compromise Settlement for 10 cents on the dollar
  • Stop IRS wage garnishments
  • Settle IRS tax debt with an offer in compromise
  • Put a hold on collections with a non collectible status

As you may know, the government doesn't always bend over backwards to help you. The IRS is the same. When speaking with the IRS, their primary job is to get information out of you which will help support their case against you and facilitate the taxpayer “YOU” paying as much as you can as quickly as possible to “THEM”. This has cost many of our clients many thousands of dollars simply because they are unaware of what to say and what not to say. Don’t be another IRS victim.

Our IRS tax relief team can help YOU. A CPA, Enrolled Agent or an Attorney can represent you before the IRS in these matters. Be very cautious when seeking out help. A lot of companies hire people who mislead you over the phone. Quite a few of these tax resolution companies, some of the larger ones have been going bankrupt and out of business over the past year or so. When you start hearing a lot of guarantees over the phone, again, be cautious.

When dealing with an IRS audit or a tax settlement, offer in compromise, it’s hard to guarantee anything until we’ve had a chance to learn more about your IRS tax problem. One size DOES NOT fit all and this is why it’s important to give us as many details about your IRS problem as you can during the initial phone consultation so we can determine the best course of action.

We will never guarantee things to you that we cannot deliver on. You will never hear someone from our company guarantee an offer in compromise will work. We are always going to give you an honest assessment of your situation, even if it’s not what you want to hear!! Even if you were told by another company that they guarantee they can do it!! And when you tell them what we say, they’ll probably just try to discredit us in some way.


Again, beware of the shady, underhanded tricks that some tax resolution companies use against you because when it’s all said and done, it doesn’t do you any good to pay money to a company and six months later, be in the same situation you were in when you first started. Only now, your tax situation has grown worse, and you have more interest that has accrued on your IRS account.

Don’t Let Them Scam You

Give us a call for an honest assessment today!!

arrow Get Back Taxes Help:

It is extremely important to file your back taxes in a timely fashion. If you don't, the IRS will do a number of things including assessing you with a failure to file penalty, add interest and penalties to your balance owed, seize your assets, place a lien on your home and you can be sent to prison. In some cases, the IRS will file the tax return on your behalf which is called a substitute return. This is one of the worst scenarios because when they file the tax return on your behalf, they do it without taking any deductions into consideration and the law actually allows them to do this.

Speak with a tax attorney or tax relief specialist at Nationwide Tax Group who will guide you through this difficult process of attaining your past history from the IRS and who can prepare your unfiled back tax returns and fight on your behalf to prevent the IRS from ruining your life. Get the IRS help you deserve now.

arrow Reduce your IRS Tax Debt:

The IRS will assess interest and penalties to the amount owed in a situation where you fail to file or incorrectly file your tax returns. This policy is designed to encourage the taxpayer to take proper steps to comply with their tax filing requirements. The amount of interest and penalties compounds starting from the original due date of the tax return. By the time the IRS reviews your tax return, months or years may have passed and the amount of interest and penalties will usually be well in excess of 40% of the computed tax liability. It is a difficult task to convince the IRS to abate your interest and penalties. The elimination of interest and penalties is a task that requires the advanced negotiation skills which you will find in a CPA, IRS tax attorney or enrolled agent. This task requires the care and attention of an experienced tax relief professional who has experience in dealing with IRS problems such as this. Nationwide Tax Group can provide you with the professional representation which an IRS problem such as this requires.

arrow Payroll Tax Problems:

Unfiled Payroll Taxes is one of, if not the worst IRS problem to have. From the IRS point of view, unpaid payroll taxes are like stealing your employe's taxes. The IRS has almost unlimited authority to penalize you in regards to payroll tax situations. They will lock your doors and shut your business down; they will come to your business and seize your assets including your cash, machinery and anything else they want. They will contact your clients and direct them to send any amounts owed to them instead of you. This can destroy the business relationships you have with your customers. It is imperative to have an experienced Tax Attorney represent taxpayers in a payroll tax matter. Nationwide Tax Group and its IRS tax relief staff have many years of experience in dealing with payroll tax problems. We will handle your payroll tax problems with the precision they require.

arrow IRS Seizures:

IRS Seizures take place when a taxpayer fails to respond to an IRS correspondence. Once the IRS has seized one of your assets, it is extremely tough to get them to change their mind. If you have had your property seized, your case has most likely been escalated by the IRS and an IRS agent is most likely handling your case rather than simply their collections department. At this point, the burden of proof is upon the taxpayer to provide a legitimate basis to have the decision reversed. From the IRS's point of view, they have what they want; all or part of the tax liability paid. Although it is unlikely for a taxpayer to accomplish this task without the IRS help of a qualified tax relief specialist, the IRS will generally want you to make arrangements to swiftly satisfy your debt in order to consider releasing any portion of the seized property.

Your best shot at convincing the IRS to reverse a seizure is to retain the services of a qualified tax attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent. Trying to do this yourself or deciding not to retain the services of a tax attorney will only cost yourself valuable time, money and you will only find yourself in the same situation you found yourself in originally. Nationwide Tax Group has what it takes to successfully negotiate a release of an IRS seizure and help you with any other IRS problems you may need tax relief with.

arrow IRS Liens:

The IRS uses a Federal Tax Lien to get the attention of a taxpayer. The IRS can put a lien on your homes, automobiles and even accounts receivables to name a few examples. When they have unsuccessfully attempted to persuade you to react to their correspondence, they might file a lien against your property. Since this goes on your credit report, this can ruin your credit, prevent you from selling or re-financing your home and put your customers who owe money to you right in the middle of your mess. They will generally require the full amount of the tax liability, interest & penalties be satisfied before they will agree to release it. Although it is extremely difficult to have an IRS lien released, this task is not a difficult one for an experienced tax relief professional. Through our comprehensive negotiations with the IRS, Nationwide Tax Group can work to have your lien released quickly and affordably.

arrow IRS Payment Plans:

An IRS payment plan allows a taxpayer to pay their IRS debts off over an agreed upon period of time. There is a formula used by the IRS which includes national standard allotments for food, housing, transportation, etc. which we use to determine your monthly disposable income. The documentation requirements for an IRS payment plan may vary depending on the amount of tax debt you have. The larger the debt is, the more paperwork the IRS will require. An IRS payment plan usually will take under five years to complete. Let our team of experienced tax experts at Nationwide Tax Group set you up with an IRS payment plan which can allow you to spread out your debt owed over a long period of time and give you the time you need to get back on track financially.

arrow IRS Debt Settlement:

An offer in compromise (OIC) is when the IRS agrees to settle your debt for less than what you owe. The ability for you to pay the full amount owed has to be in question in order to get the Internal Revenue Service to agree to an Offer in Compromise. You must have little to no equity in your assets and show proof that you do not have the ability to pay the balance owed. The most common type of Offer in Compromise is when there is a doubt as to the collectability of the debt. An Offer in Compromise can help you by eliminating your debt for a fraction of what you owe. Nationwide Tax Group specializes in negotiating with the IRS to get your Offer in Compromise accepted.

arrow IRS Wage Garnishment Release in 1 - 4 Business Days!!!:

Wage garnishments are the legal process where a part of a person's earnings are mandated to be withheld by their employer in order to repay a debt. An IRS wage garnishment is the last resort for the IRS when dealing with a taxpayer. Soon after you receive a Notice of Intent to Levy, the wage garnishment will begin. Once you have been assessed a taxable amount owed and the IRS has requested a payment on the balance owed, the IRS has the ability to garnish your income and put a lien on your assets or even force you to sell your home. Although it is very difficult to get a wage garnishment lifted, a wage garnishment can be released through the successful negotiations of an experienced tax attorney. Nationwide Tax Group will protect you from IRS harassment and have your wage garnishment lifted within 3 business days.

arrow Get representation during an IRS Audit:

The IRS audits you to make sure that your tax returns have been filed properly. It does not necessarily mean you are dishonest or that you made an error. In many cases, the IRS will examine you and find that you are actually owed additional money back. Preparing your tax return using certain widely used abusive tax avoidance transactions can unfortunately flag you with the IRS, giving you a higher likelihood of being examined. Many people are selected for review based on the data produced by cialis 20mg the IRS computers which target taxpayers with the highest likelihood of potential tax avoidance abuse. An audit notification letter will explain the proposed changes to your tax return and give you the option to dispute these proposed changes. Our team of tax relief specialists have the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you through the nightmare of an audit. Contact us and let an experienced tax relief professional handle your IRS problems.

arrow Get the honest and professional help you deserve:

A large number of these tax resolution chop shops do not employ qualified people to represent you. Unfortunately, some of the largest and most successful companies do not employ the qualified representatives that you need when facing a serious situation such as dealing with the IRS. Many companies out there will try to convince you that they can make all of your problems go away if you just send them $4,000.00. Unfortunately, most of these companies leave you with only a bigger mess than when you first came to them because they do not take the time and give the care needed to correctly evaluate your problem and do not treat your problem with the professional attention which is needed. When you are dealing with a serious IRS problem and are in need of tax relief, it is imperative that you seek out the services of a qualified tax attorney who can give you the IRS help your situation warrants. Call Nationwide Tax Group to retain the services of a tax attorney who cares about you and your problems.


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